A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 16, 2013

Trouble Brewing–February 16, 2013

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing if you are a House Sparrow selecting a new abode to raise your children. Everything if you are a Purple Martin planning a return visit to your summer home just in time to raise your latest brood.

It’s the annual real estate battle. It happens each spring as sparrows and martins clash over available housing and who gets it. In the end they usually share space, but the martins aren’t happy about it; the sparrows seem oblivious. (Note to Self: Remember to get along with those around you – makes life easier.)

Snapped a photo of White Ibis flying overhead. They are on their way out for the morning – off to a day of foraging. See, everyone has to work. It’s a matter of how you define work–I think digging crayfish out of the mud qualifies.

One last photo to show the sun is retracing it’s steps. Can you tell that it’s headed back north?