A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 15, 2013

Soft Endings–February 15, 2013

A muted sky offers a soft end to another work week. Shades of fiery yellow and orange morphing into cooler shades of pink, rose and purple–just in time for the weekend.

I love the Snowy Egret’s yellow feet. They look huge and seem almost awkward, but much to the contrary. I watched this bird chase after prey in the shallow water. He was both agile and quick darting about. The long toes help him balance by spreading the weight of his body, and sometimes he will use his feet to stir, rake, or probe the bottom in search of food. It is speculated that the yellow color of his feet may help him lure prey when he quivers it on the water’s surface. Very tricky!

The day belongs to the white birds. Along with the Snowy Egret, there is a Great Egret nearby. Notice the yellowish bill and black legs and feet. He’s also a bit bigger than the Snowy Egret. Later in the day I am treated to the graceful beauty of a White Pelican.

I couldn’t resist snapping this photo of the seagulls. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy watching them. They are comical and amusing. Just to see them standing there makes me want to break out in a laugh. I think these guys are waiting for the start of the weekend.