A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 14, 2013

Laughing Gull, Not Laughing- February 14, 2013

I enjoy seagulls–they’re fun and entertaining to watch. I think because they remind me of people I know. There are strutters, squawkers, and stealers (thieves). This Laughing Gull is enjoying the crisp air, bright sunshine and bluer than blue sky.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m including a photo of two courting Scarlet Macaws that I photographed on a recent trip to Costa Rica. It was mating season there for the macaws, and this pair put on quite a show right outside our hotel room. I felt guilty photographing them–like some kind of peeping tom, but you can see it didn’t stop me. They are awesome birds.

Spring is in the air here, too. I spotted the first purple martin scout today. He is here to check out nesting facilities ahead of the flock’s arrival, and he’s right on time. I typically spot the scouts around Valentine Day – just like clockwork. The rest will follow soon.

Another sign of spring is the sun’s retreat back north. It rises and sets a little further north each day. Soon I won’t be able to see (or photograph) the sunrises and sunsets from the deck.