A Year on Clear Lake- Feb 12, 2013

Getting Comfy Before Bedtime  – February 12, 2013

This Lesser Scaup takes a second to fluff his feathers before settling down for a nap. The flock, taking up temporary residence on the lake, has carved time out of its migration schedule for a few days of rest and recuperation. They were all taking naps when I snapped this photo.

You have to admire their easy, laid back approach. I, personally, have never been able to understand people who will get in a car and drive 18 plus hours (or days)  non-stop until they reach their final destination. It’s too stressful. Besides, life is short–we really should enjoy the ride. Slowing down and taking it easy is a good thing.

Let’s learn to celebrate life’s little accomplishments at each step along the way, rather than putting our focus on the final destination, which we might never see.  Life is sweet.