A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 06, 2013

Flashback: Explorer Arrives in Clear Lake – June 2, 2012

Explorer, a space shuttle replica on display for years at Kennedy Space Center, was moved to Houston last summer. It made the journey via barge from Cape Canaveral through the Gulf of Mexico into Galveston Bay, and finally into Clear Lake. The shuttle mockup arrived with a lot of fanfare and hoopla, including a water arc and fireworks. After docking and spending the night next to the Hilton Hotel, Explorer made the slow journey down NASA Road One to Space Center Houston, its new home.

It may not be the “real thing,” but it remains a visual representation of the “real work” this community – the engineers, astronauts, and other dedicated aerospace workers – did to make the shuttle program the outstanding program it was. We thank them all for a job well done.