A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 05, 2013

Flashback: Ballunar Festival – August 27, 2006

It’s fun to look up and unexpectedly find a huge balloon drifting pass overhead, its silent flight broken only by the occasional whoosh of the on-board burner firing up to heat the air inside. The thrill is only multiplied when the sky over the lake is filled with these huge, colorful giants. They call out to one’s sense of adventure, beckoning you to join.

The lake is often center stage to many of its surrounding communities’ activities. The Ballunar Festival is one such event. The nearby Johnson Space Center’s grounds are the heart of the festival. Balloons gather there from across the country for nightly “balloon glows,” and competitions, in addition to other festival activities. There are  skydiving demonstrations, live entertainment, and the space center itself hosts an open house, inviting the public inside for a peek at the usual off-limits facilities. Originally held in August, the event is now typically scheduled for September, running Friday through Sunday.

It’s time to honor that adventure call. C’om, climb on board and let’s sail away…