A Year on Clear Lake-Feb 02, 2013

Dallying around… – February 02, 2013

Mornings are the most creative times on the lake. Nature has time to dally and play a bit before the day gets seriously underway. Sometimes the lake can be calm and still as polished glass, and as reflective as a mirror. Then, with the gentlest of breezes, she stirs the water just enough to create a mesmerizing pattern like the criss cross shown above. Moments later she sends another design rippling across the surface. And sometimes she paints the water soft shades of lavender or pink, and calls to the pelicans to come out and play.

Soon, though, the sun appears. It’s hot glow begins heatings things up. The wind grows stronger, and the water turns choppy.

Playtime is done. Time to get to work.

Another great start to the day.