A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 7, 2012

Sky on Fire – Dec 7, 2012

Everyday we wake  is a good day. But then there are those days when the sunrise is so spectacular, so breathtaking, that we are privileged and humbled to bear witness to its beauty.  For a few short minutes each day the sun’s canvas begins to take shape – a splash of color here, a dab there, a swirl off to this side and then a streak. Suddenly,  the whole canvas is alive, filling with color and shades and shadows. Then there it is – the artwork perfected, not a shade or a tint or a whisk or a shadow need be tweaked. It is peak, and then, it is gone. Vanished, never to be seen again. A once in a lifetime work of art specially crafted for those who saw and felt its splendor.

How many of these magnificent masterpieces do we miss staring into steamy mirrors with lathed faces, or digging in dark closets for shoes to go with today’s outfit, or with bleary eyes scrolling digital devices.

Ancient ancestors had morning rituals to greet the rising  sun – prayers, praise, or simple gratitude. If we made room in our busy lives for this daily connection to our natural world, we would be rich beyond our dreams.