A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 5, 2012

Two birds in a bush – Dec 5, 2012.

Give me two birds in a bush any day.

Despite a gray overcast, these small sparrows deliver a touch of sunshine. One can only smile as the tiny birds dart, flit and hop about nearby branches, planters, and feeders. In a heartbeat they arrive; in a heartbeat they are gone. Whoosk!  Enjoy them while you can.

And, as if the sparrows aren’t enough to brighten the day, a gray mist is almost certain to lure the graceful American White Pelican, my favorite winter guest, out for a leisurely stroll about the lake. Like a remotely controlled toy boat, the big bird moves effortlessly through the water, navigating twists and turns with perfect ease.

Finally on this day, the red bougainvillaea supporting the  tiny sparrows is about to burst into full color, as a warm season continues.