A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 30, 2012

Mid-day sky, Dec 30, 2012

The sun, directly overhead, is hidden behind cirrocumulus clouds, sometimes forecasters of a pending weather change.  In fact, meteorologists are predicting the potential for rain and stormy weather tomorrow.

The difference a day makes. Yesterday’s lake is nothing like today’s. Buffeted by a north wind yesterday, the lake drained, opening a bare, muddy patch in the middle. Birds of every kind flocked to enjoy the fishing and feasting.

Today the lake is back to capacity – its water levels back to normal, and few birds have bothered to stop, it seems. Yes, there are the usual pelicans, and seagulls, but few egrets or herons, and no kingfishers.

So how do the birds know? They don’t tune into the evening news, nor listen to all-news radio channels. They don’t go online to check for the latest conditions.

Is the word broadcast via some bird hotline? Is it via telepathy, or intuition? Or do these creatures just seize the opportunity? Flying overhead, spot good fortune below, and seize the chance to partake?

Learn from the birds, my friend. Stay alert to opportunity and good fortune.