A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 22, 2012

Flashback: The Holiday Visitor – Dec 22, 2007

This image was taken on the back deck in December 2007.  It captures the awesome beauty of nature, the master artist.  This little sparrow  is a celebration of nature’s simplicity and complexity all wrapped up in one. The small, fragile frame sports a striking, eye-catching design – rust-colored feathers, meticulously finished off with a splash of black and the tiniest touch of white, sweep back and dove-tail into a perfect geometric pattern. The sharp, pointed beak  is contrasted by the smooth roundness of the small body. This little bird’s heart can beat an average 460 beats per minute, and soar to more than a 1,000 beats when in flight.

And this amazing perfection of a creation pauses for a brief moment on a branch of a small plant on my back deck overlooking a remarkable lake. It is a gift and I am grateful this holiday season for the beauty that surrounds us.