A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 21, 2012

First Light, Winter Solstice – Dec 21, 2012

In ancient times the winter solstice was a much celebrated event. It marked the end of darkness and the return of light. It signaled rebirth and renewal, and it signified hope – a promise of better days ahead. I am touched by the natural cycles of the earth of which we are a part of, yet manage to remain oblivious to.

This morning I pause purposely  to welcome the light, and to offer gratitude for its gifts. I feel its warmth pulsating in the palms of my outstretched arms, and I sense its energy flowing through me.

The lake itself  is full of vibrant energy this morning, as well. The water is still low from yesterday’s blowing wind and receding tide. Birds have gathered in droves around the muddy lake bottom, or wade in the shallow waters nearby. A small flock of ducks swim passed, and a pelican claims his place on the nearby post, basking in the warm glow of the morning sun.

Do they know? Instinctively, have they picked up on the significance of the day? Are they celebrating the tiny shift that will change everything in the coming weeks and months?

It would not surprise me. They live the natural rhythms which we only observe.