A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 20, 2012

The sun sets on the exposed lake – Dec 20, 2012

The exercise of studying the lake on a daily basis, and closely, has revealed its elusive nature. It is literally an ever-evolving canvas. Its images are constantly changing, ever unfolding; day by day, hour by hour, and yes, even minute by minute.

This day ends with a dramatic sunset above the lake’s disappearing waters.  A strong northwest wind  has blown unrelentingly  throughout the day, whipping all in its path. The lake has not been spared, and after a day of constant battering its water has been pushed out. As the sun set the wind begins to calm, but the water does not return.

It is a fascinating phenomenon to witness – the wind’s ability to blow the water from the lake. And then to watch the birds revel in it, flocking to the muddy lake bottom to feast on new-found treats.

Nature is filled with the unexpected.