A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 2, 2012

Mystical morning – Dec 2, 2012

Fog hugs the grounds of Beacon Island lending a quiet, mystical quality. Overhead the pink gray skies call to flight a trio of pelicans, and morning begins to stir the lake’s sleeping waters. If only our waking could be so gentle.

Daybreak should be easy – minus blaring alarms, endless snoozes, and a needed gulp of caffeine .  Just a gentle stirring, a stretch, a yawn, a sigh, the call of nature, and we’re on our way. On this planet, we are the only creatures that wake to such contraptions. But there was a time when we were in sync. When we traded a good day’s worth of work for a good night’s sleep.

We can get there again, but that would mean no late night TV, or internet; no games, or tweets, or texts – nor anything else that blinks, glows or glares.  A frightening thought, and yet enticing – might be worth a try for a gentle morning gained.