A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 19, 2012

The birdhouse – Dec 19, 2012

This purple martin birdhouse shows up in a lot of photos taken from Home Base. It sets just a few feet from the back deck, about 5-6 feet from the shoreline.

The roof damage is courtesy of Hurricane Ike which hit in 2008. The amazing thing is that the birdhouse made it through Ike at all. It was originally placed atop the post in 1989 by our townhouse’s original owner, who recruited the help of the next door neighbor (via his yacht) in getting the birdhouse in place.

The purple martins have come faithfully ever since each February through July/August, even in spite of the roof damage. Now, four years after the hurricane, the birdhouse is beginning to show great wear. We’ve tried to replace it with a new, intact version but as of yet have been unable to find anyone willing to help – and believe me we’ve tried. From friends with boats to neighbors to the home owners association – no luck. (Maybe we should have asked for FEMA’s help.)

The birdhouse with its seasonal inhabitants have brought much joy to all who have lived here. Though chatty-chatty and downright noisy, the birds are delightfully entertaining with their amazing aerobatics and antics, and it’s always fun to watch the young fledglings take to the air and try their wings.  A testimony to our affection for the birdhouse and its birds is the fact that the second question we asked after learning our home did not have water damage from Hurricane Ike was, “Is the birdhouse still there?”

It was, and still is. Our fingers are crossed that it lasts until we can find a way to get a new one in place. It’s part of the lake’s tradition, and thimgs just wouldn’t be right without it.

Today’s sunrise was another gift. The sun seemed dramatically sandwiched between the earth and the dark cloud. Of course, in the end it won out, but a beautiful sight to behold.