A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 15, 2012


Pelican and Lighthouse, new angle – Dec 15, 2012

There always seems to be a pelican nearby willing to pose with the lighthouse in the background, no matter where or what angle. This photo was taken from the far west end of the lake across the narrow tip of the undeveloped Nassau Peninsula.

Today we went exploring, visiting the Dr. Ned and Fay Dudney Nature Center off  Egret Bay (Hwy 270).  The track of land is south of the Nassau peninsula, and is located in League City. A great natural area – 148 acres of coastal prairie, coastal saltmarsh wetlands and coastal flatwoods wetlands – what the area must have looked like when the Spanish first arrived, I imagine.

It’s a wildlife haven, especially for birds, and there are several bird blinds throughout the park. We spotted a group of American White Pelicans hanging out together. There were also ducks, egrets, seagulls and many more species that I need to research. (Now I know where all those birds are heading in the early morning.)

We found animal tracks, as well. Deer, for sure, and we think racoons. I met a lady a few weeks back who told me a friend of hers had seen coyotes on her early morning walk there. That’s believable. The area is heavily wooded and thick with brush.

It was a pleasant exploration.

I plan to learn more about the Nassau peninsula, as well. From the Nassau Bay website I learned the peninsula is a 76-acre wetland area, designated as a conservation area by the City. It is currently not open to the public. The City is evaluating potential future improvements and modifications of the area to assure that it remains an environmentally protected space. That’s nice to know.

Annually they have a peninsula clean up day. I may just have to volunteer. I do love the wetlands. They are beautiful in their simplicity.