A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 13, 2012

Tropical Christmas – Dec 13, 2012

The hibiscus shouts out a silent call, “Hey, lake, look at me.” And how can it not?

Delicate. Soft and ruffly around the edges,yet bold and brazen dressed in red – and what a stroke of genius is the splash of yellow teasingly planted center stage – a daring fashion accessory, highlighting the tiniest hint of yellow streaking its petals. Classic. Beautiful presentation.

Cold and rain in the weekend forecast – the chilliest temperatures  yet reserved for Christmas day. What fate awaits our pretty flower? Unknown.

Just this week we had predictions of a freeze – didn’t happen, at least not here by the lake. On the north side of town, yes, but not here. The warm waters provided just enough protection to keep the cold weather away.

Lessons from the hibiscus – enjoy the moment. Live to your fullest, and don’t dwell about the future.