A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 10, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Dec 10, 2012.

Our little Leyland Christmas Tree is all bedecked and aglow.

Record highs in the 80s finally gave way to a much-welcomed cold front which kept temperatures in the high 50s for most of today. Not exactly sweater weather, but at least we are in long-sleeved tee shirts now, and longing for hot chocolate and chili.

Christmas lights are up around the lake. It’s fun to see the change of scenery – the red and green glow across the water; the bright, red, outlined Christmas tree atop the side of South Shore Harbour, and twinkling lights outlining rooftops and yards all around.

I miss the lighthouse display. In years past, white lights would radiated down from the top of the lighthouse, giving it the shape and appearance of a Christmas tree. It was a simple, clean display that made one think of a little tree standing alone  in the middle of the forest. I fancied deer and all manner of small animals wandering up to it.  Of course, that was before they chopped down half the trees on the island, and put in streets and streetlights. We knew the good ol’ days were gone the year they proudly advertised that they would have the latest in neon light display on the lighthouse – pulsating colors changing every 30 or 40 seconds. Fortunately that only lasted one year. Now they don’t do anything – I prefer it that way, but I still miss the old display.

The pelicans have been hard at it today, working the waters in front of the house. They are amazing creatures – lifting off from a stand still in the water to take flight. That must take an incredible set of muscles.