A Year on Clear Lake-Dec 1, 2012

No ordinary day – Dec 1,  2012.

When the sun rose this morning, I knew there would be little time to spend on the lake. A workshop would keep me away and busy until long after dark.

The morning was as any other – no heavy gray clouds to rob the sun of its rich palette, no fog to shroud its brilliance. A rich warm glow enveloped the lake; I snapped the photo and rushed off.

By the time I returned home,  the day had taken a drastic turn. I was consumed with a raging virus that seized my body, rendering me feverish, fuzzy-brained, and near zombie-like. I don’t know how I drove the short distance home. Pulling into the drive, I wandered into the house, directly to the bed, and collapsed.

So where were the banners and signs warning me of my impending disaster that day? Where were the flashing lights that screamed, “Beware.” There was none of that. It was  just another  day like so many countless other days.

Of course, the truth is there is no such thing as an ordinary day. Each precious day, each glowing sunrise deserves a special moment of gratitude. While there will always be another sunrise, we may not be here to welcome it.