A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 24, 2013

Snake in the Grass–August 24, 2013

It was a quiet Saturday morning with not much happening. Even the creek bank, usually lined with green herons and yellow-crowns, was oddly quite. So I was delighted to discover the snake, though I almost missed it.

The creek bank is lined with slabs of concrete, often with rebar visibly sticking out. Rebar are  steel rods used to reinforce the concrete. I’ve been tricked by it before, thinking it was something other than a piece of metal. So when I spotted the snake I first wrote it off as a small piece of rebar. But there was something funny about this little piece of steel sticking up out of the ground. I could swear there was an eye reflecting a gleam from the sun’s light. I dismissed it and walked on, then turned around going back for a closer look.

I want to go on record stating that snakes in the grass have been much maligned by unfair comparisons with untrustworthy humans of low character. This snake was a perfect gentleman, and quietly disappeared when I inched nearer to him rather than have an unruly confrontation. Too bad human “snakes” are not as well-behaved.

Apart from the snake and two young yellow-crowns there was little else moving on the peninsula, which surprised me so early in the morning. Still I much enjoyed my morning excursion into nature’s sanctuary.

There is a promise of rain today, so I will look forward to what the skies bring.

Green Thought: “At one time in the world there were woods that no one owned” Cormac McCarthy, Child of God