A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 23, 2013

Free Spirit–August 23, 2013

What must it be like to sail across this body of water just inches above its surface? Unencumbered. Free to fly anywhere. To alight anyplace that suits one’s fancy–a branch here, a rock there, or solid earth if you are so inclined. And the views–from high to low and everything in between. I wonder if, as the egret glides so smoothly through the air, it cherishes its freedom, celebrates its free spirit. Or does it take it for granted like us. I’m envious of these birds.

I spotted a hawk today–bad news for the little birds. It seemed large when it was in flight, but once it landed it appeared much smaller. It could be a Merlin, a small hawk, but I can’t tell for sure. While we have a resident group of hawks that stay year round, we also get an influx of migrating hawks during the winter months. Fall migration is underway.

The Green Heron are still thick as thieves, but I haven’t seen a Black-crowned Night Heron in weeks. Maybe they have headed south already.

Long before the first cool winds blow, the season is in flux: the days are getting shorter, the sun is beginning its trek back across the sky, the birds are beginning to migrate. These are things I never paid attention to before. Always before, fall arrived with chilly winds, and miraculously overnight, or so it seemed. But all the while nature had been at work. So, what changes are you seeing these days?

Here’s a quick look at a juvenile Great White Egret. These birds are so large, especially in comparison to the Snowy Egrets that I sometimes forget they start out small, too.

I wish you could lean into the computer screen and take a big whiff of this Texas Verbena. It is the sweetest smell on the entire planet. The bees go nuts around it, and now that I think about it, so do I.

Green Thought: “Days decrease, And autumn grows, autumn in everything.”
Robert Browning