A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 22, 2013

The Tricolored Heron–August 22, 2013

A Tricolored Heron, also known as the Louisiana Heron, strikes a pose by the boat ramp. I’ve seen two of these birds in as many days. Is it a coincidence, or are there more in the area? One way you can identify this bird is by its tell tale white under belly–no other heron has such. It is most often found around coastal ponds, salt marshes, bayous, swamps and mudflats. (i.e., here).

At the marina a Little Blue Heron is the only bird present this morning. Oddly, there were no Green Herons to be found, though on occasion I’ve found as many as eight along the little stretch. But then, I was late getting to the spot today. It’s possible most had already called it a night.

By the paddle wheel showboat, two juvenile Brown pelicans rested on pilings, providing the perfect camera shot.

And then, there was this dragonfly just hanging out, as dragonflies are apt to do.

Seeing the tall, towering cloud, hovering over the peninsula and highlighted by the rising sun’s brilliant light, reminded me that the giant orb is working its way back around the east bend. It won’t be long before  we’ll be able to witness the sun rising directly over the lake, filling the heavens and the water with its fanciful colors. I’m looking forward to those days again. I’ve truly missed it, which reminds me–change is good.

Green Thought: “The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.” ― David Brower