A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 18, 2013

Green Heron Intensity-August 18, 2013

Another boat ramp, marina kind of day–short on time. Fortunately, these sites never disappoint, always serving up a glimpse of wildlife which helps to  smooth out the wrinkles of a hectic day.  I love the black vulture perched atop the No Parking sign. He offers  fair warning to all, “Don’t even think about it,” he warns.  Then there’s the intensity of the green heron (above) while checking out the boat ramp shoreline. I’m impressed with the extreme flexibility of its limbs–he looks like he’s double-jointed, and may be.

Meanwhile, there was activity out back, too. The old birdhouse became the scene of a scuffle as three seagulls fought over the coveted landing spot. Later, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron claimed it as his own.   A cormorant also stopped by to take a break on one of the pilings. These birds’ numbers are growing daily. I am seeing more and more of them each day. Migration is in the works.

And yet another sign that the season is changing: the berries of the pyracantha bushes on the peninsula  are beginning to ripen and turn red.

Green Thought: “Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it” Ralph Waldo Emerson