A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 16, 2013

A Colorful Character–August 16, 2013

Enjoying my early morning outing as I made my way along the familiar trail, I came upon one of the  tiny “fiddler crabs” scurrying across the path. No bigger than about two inches it quickly disappeared in the brush, and sent me digging through the vegetation to unearth it for a photo session. It was not happy with its new found fame, and quickly vanished for good.  I was struck by the pretty turquoise of its shell–quite colorful.

A few Green herons still lingered after a night of work, and before the heat of the day drove them to cooler havens. Meanwhile a young Yellow-crowned night heron grabbed a snack before retiring for the day. (Note: I will post an amazing video of this bird in the coming days. Prepare to be amazed.)

I also had the pleasure of learning the name of one  of the most plentiful plants on the peninsula – the Sea Ox-Eye Daisy. Its small, yellow flowers can be seen scattered everywhere in the area. I have also spotted this wildflower growing by the boat ramp and the marina.

Green Thought: “Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.” ~ Chad Sugg