A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 15, 2013

The Egrets, Great and Small–August 15, 2013

Last night’s rain breathed fresh air into the area. The rain apparently was not heavy–there was no standing water, but the ground is much softer. I visited twice today. Once in the morning, and then again this evening. The clouds still hung overhead during my morning venture. It drizzled a bit, morphing into a light rain now and then, but I finally wised up and carried an umbrella. The walk was delightful, strolling down the familiar path, while enjoying the novelty of the rain.

There were many more birds along the banks of the creek, like the Great White Egret and the smaller Snowy Egret shown sharing space in the photo above. Green herons were numerous, as were the  Yellow-crowns, both juvenile and mature. Large dragonflies were swarming– I had almost written these creatures off there have been so few in recent weeks.

Another noticeable difference were the numerous seashore mallows (I love my new wildflower guide). These dainty, delicate pink wildflowers line the path like so many bright, smiling facing encouraging me on  with each step. The flowers open early in the day, but then close long before the sun goes down.

Last, but by far not least, another  deer sighting gave me a thrill. There have been  no further sightings of the little ones, though I have seen their tracks in the newly softened dirt. I enjoy the little ones, but I am happy with the adult.

Green Thought: “…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”  ― Vincent van Gogh