A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 14, 2013

Stormy Weather–August 14, 2013

Good, good news. Rain. We got rain, though I can’t tell you how much fell. Will have to wait until tomorrow to check. The storm was nipping at my heels as I ran (literally) off the peninsula and to the car. Fortunately this time I made it before the heavy stuff hit. It rolled in from the north. I wasn’t concerned when I started the walk. It seemed  in the distance and the weather reports had predicted the storms would play out in the early evening. So, I never imagined it would reach the peninsula. Instead it rolled in with fierce-looking clouds, wind, and lightening. In the end it rained lightly, but steady, for about two hours. It wasn’t a lot, but we are 10 inches behind, and whatever fell, helped. I will be anxious to see what the rain brings.

The birds and rabbits were charged up by the approaching storm, too. There was a lot of activity with birds in flight. I’ve no doubt they are fully aware of what is unfolding, and perhaps are busy returning to safe havens. There was a shift in energy, especially as the storm neared. In photo at left, a Sandwich tern dives for a fish, and at right, a yellow-crowned night heron works the shore line, and lower right, a rabbit stays close to the brush for access to quick cover.

One last thing – consider this fair warning. My new field guide, Wildflowers of the Coastal Plain, arrived today. I’m so excited–just flipping through it quickly I found a couple of for my mystery plants. Stay tuned...

Green Thought: The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~ John Muir