A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 12, 2013

Study in Contrast–August 12, 2013

Nature is the Master Artist. I love the soft, silky, white down of the Snowy Egret contrasted with the velvety smooth, dark water, and both in contrast to the hard concrete surface of the bridge support–this splashed with green, white and black algae. Beautiful.

A young Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, stationed in the tall grass at the water’s edge, was most unhappy when I accidentally disturbed it. A speeding boat sent waves rippling to shore, as it flew off uttering disgruntled squawks. A Green Heron, perched on a tree branch also at the water’s edge, peered through the vegetation. I also spotted a young possum wandering amid the branches of a fallen tree. It would not venture out in the open, preferring the safety of the brush instead. And the Ibis flew low in the sky this evening.

Big news in the neighborhood! We received a report from neighbors, along with a short video, of an alligator swimming in the Bal Harbour Marina. The small creature must have made its way from Armand Bayou, crossing under the bridge and into Clear Lake. You never know what you might find in the waters around here. If it decides to stay around, I’ll try for photos.

Green Thought: I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want. ~ Andy Warhol