A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 11, 2013

Everything’s Rosy–August 11, 2013

Rain showers were evident all around today but, alas, none destined for the peninsula or us. However, as Nature is apt to do, we were treated to a gorgeous, rosy sunset. Ever grateful for the beauty.

Even though it seems like the height of summer with blistering temperatures and drowning humidity, the  season is changing. Days are getting shorter. Last month on July 2, the sun set at 8:23 p.m.. Today, sunset was at 8:03 p.m.

I wonder if the birds have taken note? They have taken notice of something, for sure. Just like the purple martins, the ranks among the other birds (yellow-crowned, black-crowned) are starting to thin out. Except for the Green Heron–the last birds to arrive–our spring friends are disappearing. But then, I have to give the birds credit. If I had wings I’d be out of here, too. I confess to dreaming about breathing in some cool, Alaskan air.

Moments before tonight’s Ibis flyover (I can count on them like clockwork), there was a flyover of a different sort. The Life Flight helicopter flew over the peninsula on its way to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston. Christus St. John Hospital, the departure point, is less than a block from the lake. (In photo at left, the prominent building in the front is the old Boeing building, now occupied by Lockheed Martin. The hospital is located where the tall tower is.)

All’s quiet on the peninsula, except for the rabbits.

Green Thought: The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.John Muir .