A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 08, 2013

Of Sand and Sun–August 8, 2013

Sand blowing in from the Sahara Desert more than 4,000 miles away is still with us today. It was thick enough to blunt the blaze of a fiery sun.

What a small world this planet is when winds blowing on a continent thousands of miles away can impact the air we are breathing today.  How connected are we when a tsunami can slam into the coast of a continent 3,000 miles away, and a year later the ocean delivers its debris to our West Coast doorstep? We are a global community and have been long before the internet and Wall Street interests declared it so.

Short on time today, so I dashed down to two of my favorite go-to places – the boat ramp and the marina. The baby Sandwich Tern was crying and begging momma for more food. Patience. Patience, Momma. You’ll be looking at an empty nest before you know it and wondering where time went. They grow up fast.

I missed the Great White Egret this evening. It’s a rare night when he’s not here. The Snowy Egret, and the Little Blue Heron were missing, as well. In attendance: a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, a Black-crowned Night Heron, and four Green Herons.

Green Thought:“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” ― William Shakespeare