A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 07, 2013

Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer–August 7, 2013

Dust from the African Sahara Desert, creating a light haze, is evident in the background of this photo of a Black Vulture posing on one of the pilings by the boat ramp.  The dust that traveled more than 4,000 miles to get here was the result of dust clouds that moved out of the African desert over a week ago. Although the dust dose not seem thick, it is thick enough to cause potential problems for those individuals suffering from heart and lung conditions.  Not only is the haze evident, you can even catch a faint smell of it in the air. At the right is another photo taken later in the day and looking out across Clear Lake from the north end of the peninsula. The dust does slow tropical activity; it is predicted to be gone by the end of the week.

Heat advisories continue, but except for the increased humidity level, evening walks on the peninsula remain pleasant, especially with the strong breeze. Still not much activity, though. Even the plants are wilting without rain. The weather folks  are promising chance of rain this weekend, but we know better than to believe them. False hopes.

I’m becoming convinced the fall migration has begun. The Yellow-crowned Night Heron population is greatly reduced. The Green Heron are still plentiful, though even their ranks have thinned recently. Will keep an eye out.

Green Thought:I am in love with the green earth. ~Charles Lamb