A Year on Clear Lake-Aug 01, 2013

A Warm Summer’s Eve–August 1, 2013

Baby, it’s hot outside. This young black-crowned night heron is keeping cool amid our triple digits temperatures by drooping his wings, which allows air to circulate across the body, helping dissipate his body heat.  Some birds also have another technique to help cool down–they rapidly flap membranes in the throat to increase evaporation. We’ll need to find new ways to cool down ourselves as our heat wave continues with only a slight chance of rain this weekend.

There was a lot of activity at the marina today. Green herons by the droves, and all the usual characters except for the yellow-crowned night heron. The snowy egret and one green heron got into a rumble. (You can see the heron in the bottom left portion of the photo. He did not like the egret, who had just landed, moving into his territory.) But the great white egret and the little blue heron played well together. No turf battles there.

Enjoyed the peninsula this evening. The sunset was beautiful–soft, warm colors. The sun is setting one minute earlier each day. I can tell. I’m losing light for photos.

It was a quiet night.  I did spot one deer, but no fawns. Even the yellow-crowns were hard to find tonight. The red wing black birds have virtually disappeared. It seems about all that remain are the mockingbirds, doves and rabbits.

There was a large group of Roseate Spoonbills tonight and two Ibis along the opposite shoreline (of course). I’ll share the photos even though they are poor quality.

Green Thought:The more we are separated from nature, the unhappier we get. ~Unknown