A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 6, 2013

Things Are Going Swimmingly–April 6, 2013

Two Mallards enjoy a pleasant swim on a gorgeous, warm day (temperatures near 80). The day started beautiful and has stayed beautiful–lovin’ it.

While the pelicans were busy working the water along the shoreline, the seagulls were busy working the pelicans. It’s amusing to watch the gulls buzzing the pelicans, though probably not so amusing for the pelicans. Sometimes the gulls will even perch atop the pelicans’  submerged heads in order to better steal the catch. The pelicans tolerate the gulls’ presence, but then there isn’t much they can do about it anyway. It doesn’t appear the gulls get much of the catch, but it’s the principle of the thing. Of course, in the world of nature, the gulls are working just as hard to “steal” their food, as the pelicans are working to catch theirs. In the end it all seems to work out.

Maybe that’s something we should remember, too. We can share. There’s enough for everyone.