A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 4, 2013

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?–April 4, 2013

The little Common Tern (third from left) must enjoy hanging with the gulls at Hilton Point–either that, or he’s lost and won’t ask for directions.

Yipes. Winter paid a return visit today, and it’s downright chilly. I had to dig out my sweater and jacket. Still, I love the cold, and the chance to celebrate one more day of delicious, gloomy gray, cool, overcast weather. (Note to self: revisit this post on August 4 and dream in the cool.)

The regulars are still MIA down at the watering hole. I found one lone kildeer and a flock of coots. Where the heck are those guys?  Maybe they’ll be back tomorrow.

This beautiful Snowy Egret was working the area under the NASA Parkway bridge. The bright yellow feet are such a fashion statement. I mentioned once before that the experts speculate the yellow feet are part of the egret’s trick when it quivers its foot at the water’s surface. An unsuspecting fish falls for the fake bait–ha, gets them every time.