A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 3, 2013

Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make…April 3, 2013

Back down to the watering hole today, despite the no trespassing signs strung all around the property. The energy, though not as charged as yesterday, is still different than pre-signs. It feels as though you must cross through an electric fence in order to approach the shoreline.

Question: How much of that feeling is my own energy reflecting back? Yesterday, I had to leave the location as I felt myself getting angry. I was taking the posting personally. Not wanting to over react, or make assumptions, or to feed my ego’s melodrama, I opted to back off and chill. Today, I am less emotionally charged, though still uncomfortable. It feels as though the penetrating eyes of a hundred ospreys are watching my every move.

At the water’s edge, still no sign of the regulars–no Little Blue Heron, no Snowy Egret, no Great Blue Heron, no Ibis, no Yellow Crown Night Herons; not even the Mallards were in sight. The Coots were there, and on the shoreline of the adjacent property (also now posted) I found the Osprey’s eyes watching my every move.

We had a fierce overnight storm with strong winds and hail. That type of disturbance will sometimes disrupt the birds’ patterns and habits–much more likely than someone sticking a sign in the ground. Silly humans. I expect they will return within a day or two.

In the meantime, there seems to be a whole lot of loving going on, judging from the Caspians, Doves and Pigeons who appear to be pairing up. Oh, and one pelican had an itch that just had to be  scratched.