A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 29, 2013

Splash–April 29, 2013

The birds are back – well, the egrets are. Both the Snowy Egret and the Great White were back at the marina. The water level is still high, but it’s beginning to drop.

The season’s change hit home today. It’s bitter sweet. The weather is pleasant enough, the flowers are beautiful, but I’m saddened. I miss the Osprey and the White Pelicans, both of which have left for places unknown, not to return until late October at the earliest. I miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that were visible from the deck, as well. The sun is now completely around the bend. I realized today that even though I have lived here more than a decade, I don’t know what month the sun will reappear around the curve. But this year,  bet that I’ll be watching and waiting. It will be cause for celebration – much like the solstice of olden day.

In the meantime, I’ll remain appreciative for the wildlife that is still here. Among it,  several  juvenile brown pelicans.  Birding can be complicated with all the different plumage based on not only species, but  age and gender, not to mention time of the year. The adult brown pelicans have white heads and brown bodies, while the juveniles have brown heads and white bodies.

Ah, so much to learn…I love it.