A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 28, 2013

The Creek Don’t Rise–April 28, 2013

Slow day on the lake. We had a tremendous storm last night with heavy flooding in parts of Houston. As many of the creeks drain into Clear Lake the water level is high today. The bulkhead, which the birds love to patrol, is nearly underwater, as is the marshy area where the yellow-crested night herons like to stake their claim. The only bird I found was a mallard wandering around alone.

I’m spending a little more time with the flora, today. It can be quite interesting, like the Retama tree (above) which has bright green bark. Its leaves are long and thin, and seem almost spider-like. The tree’s small yellow flowers have bright red-orange throats that are quite catching. All in all, it’s a graceful tree, especially in the wind.

I haven’t been able to identify this pretty shrub with its pink buds. It’s interesting, too. Its leaves are also small, long, and thin. Pink buds extend from the leaves. You can click on the photo at the right and it will enlarge. I welcome any insight and help anyone might have on the subject. In the meantime I’ll be busy researching.