A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 26, 2013

Another Good Day–April 26, 2013

A good day is a new bird day, and today was a good one. We were joined by an immature green heron down at the marina’s watering hole. Adult Green HeronOften mistaken for the Least Bittern, this juvenile heron has chestnut brown stripes on its chest, and sports solid dark wings. The bittern is more buff on the chest with white patches on its wings. It’s a tough call, though.

Today was interesting, too, because of an abundance of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons. There were four in all–a record. I would say the migration is in full swing if not complete. It seemed every time I took a few steps along the shoreline a heron would come flying out with a loud, harsh squawk, most unhappy with me. These herons love to plant themselves among the tall, marshy grass–and I do mean plant, they barely move. They are not easy to see, and though I try not to disturb the birds by getting too close, it’s hard when they camouflage so well.

All in all, though, a successful day on the lake.