A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 24, 2013

Sailing Takes Me Away–April 24, 2013

The magic of sailing–you don’t have to be in a sailboat  to find the tranquility Christopher Cross sang about. Watching a sailboat glide through the water is to be there. You can feel the freedom, and the serenity.

When daylight savings time begins in April, the lake fills with sailboats every Wednesday night through October. The extra sunlight allows boaters to rush home from work and take to the water.  Today’s overcast sky presented an unusually muted gray-toned day. Small breaks in the clouds let sun rays streak downward, and a setting sun paints a soft pinkcanvas.

Unlike most sailboat races that take place in open waters, the Clear Lake Racing Association says these races are unique because  some of the marks are placed close to spectator docks. Onlookers can get a good look at the team work required. All in all, a pleasant way to spend an evening whether on board, or on shore.