A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 20, 2013

Wildlife of a Different Sort–April 20, 2013

On the weekends a different kind of wildlife is spotted, especially as spring moves in. The waters are filled with sailboats, kayaks, jet skies, powerboats, and yachts. The Clear Lake area, now designated as the Houston Bay Area (it’s a marketing thing), is reputed to have the third largest concentration of pleasure boats in the nation. And sometimes it shows. With absolutely perfect weather today, the boat ramp is packed, but not only with boaters; families are out fishing on the pier and along the shore. In the park next door, lots of picnics and games are in progress.

Down by the marina, though, it’s much more isolated and the pace is a slower and quieter. Our friend, the Yellow-Crested Night Heron is stealthy at work in the marshy area, while the Little Blue Heron works his way up and down the shoreline.

It’s like two completely different worlds, and the lake accommodates both.