A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 2, 2012

Sez Who?–April 2, 2013

Talk about getting thrown for a loop this morning. It was very disheartening driving up to my usual spot at the marina and finding this sign, along with a few others like it posted at various spots around the location. Very unwelcoming and “in your face.” I wandered over by the water anyway, but even “the regulars” were missing. It was almost like they had gotten the message, too. I’m sure they were back later in the day.

I’ve been trying to absorb the development, and determine how I want to handle the situation, so I did not return.

I’m not surprised by the action. It is private property, but a favorite location for people to stop by the water, or bring their dogs for a little run. I knew the time would come when the property would sell and the new owner would develop. I’m not sure that’s happened yet. I’ve decided to investigate further before I abandon the site. Last week I came upon an individual who was camping out there, his bedroll and bike nearby. That might have prompted the action. Stay tuned for developments.

In the meantime, I’ll be scouting for other locations. This might be the push I needed to go find and explore the Nassau Peninsula trail. And as usual, change remains the only constant.