A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 19, 2013

Green With Envy–April 19, 2013

Green Anole lizards are quite territorial. They extend the dewlap, the piece of skin beneath the lower jaw, to warn off predators, or to court the ladies. It makes them look bigger and more fierce–much more impressive to an enemy, or a prospective mate. Since there were no ladies (I don’t think I count) around today, I had to assume this lizard was sending me a message–back off. I did abide, but not before snapping a few photos.

The imaginative capacity of nature never fails to amaze me. I’m envious-I wish I were one tenth the creative genius. Now be honest, if someone gave you the job of coming up with new creatures, could you be near as inventive? Take the Little Blue Heron for instance. Would you have ever thought to combine slate blue with a touch of maroon, and top it off with a bright turquoise bill? Yeah, maybe in second grade when it came time to play with crayons and the coloring book, but not since.

I love nature.