A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 18, 2013

Focus–April 18, 2013

Short on time today, and with the threat of potentially severe weather ahead this afternoon, I hurried down to the watering hole (marina) early to check out the scene. The black-crowned night heron was on duty. Did I mention that these guys stand perfectly still at water’s edge, waiting for unsuspecting prey to cross their path. They will spear it, reorient it and swallow it head first. Requires patience, something I’m especially short on today.

The Great Egret was on hand, as well, along with a few coots. But down at the boat launch, the day belonged to the black vultures, which were busily at work on some type unidentifiable carcass.

Along with today’s bad weather weathermen are predicting another cold front with potentially record colds for this time of the year. I’m not the least bit upset–bring it on!