A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 16, 2013

Gone – April 16, 2013

I have sad news today. The Mallard babies are gone. The mother flew in while I was there at the marina. She landed in the marshy area, quacking, calling out to them. Typically, they would have rushed out to meet her, but there was no sign of them. She swam along the shoreline calling, and calling to them, but still there was no sign of them. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a very vulnerable time for the young ducklings.  They are prey to a long list of animals. I am hoping she will be reunited with them, but I fear not.

The juvenile Little Blue Heron returned today. He is in the process of acquiring his adult coat,  molting from snowy white to a slate blue with a slight maroon -ish tinge to his neck.

And the Great White Egret graced us with her presence. What a beautiful and stately bird. Some one commented about the length of the Egret’s legs? The  long length allows her to be high and dry in the water, so that she does not get wet while wading. Her long neck allows her to strike deep below the surface. Nature is a remarkable artist.