A Year on Clear Lake-Apr 14, 2013

They’re Back–April 14, 2013

Nature with all its beauty can be brutal, too. I’ve been holding my breath ever since the fierce rainstorm hit early last Thursday morning, fearful of what might have happened to the little ducklings that had just joined us two days earlier. The storm included torrential rains, strong winds, and a drop in temperatures–all the elements that bode ill for young ducklings. Today I learned their fate. Apparently, only two of the nine survived. Momma and the surviving little ones reappeared today at the marina. She is fiercely protective, as you would expect. We’ll keep an eye on momma and the babies, and we’ll keep pulling for them.

In the meantime the area around the lake is full of blooms and “things,” like this caterpillar. I’m still researching what kind it is, but what an amazing, fuzzy creature.

There are wild blackberries running rampant, as well. I was tempted to pick this one, but decided to wait for a few more to ripen.  And then there are the wildflowers (or weeds, or does it matter?) in bloom. Again, not sure what this white one is, but it’s so delicate and pretty. I’m researching that as well–does anyone have any ideas? Loved to hear from you.