A Year on Clear Lake-Oct 09, 2013

Morning on the Lake–October 09, 2013

I changed my daily walks from evening to morning because, with the sun setting earlier and earlier, I had little good light for photos. I love the morning, though, and the photo above sums it up for me. Morning energy is beautiful. Soft, quiet, easy–like landscape glistening beneath a blanket of dew, a Great Blue stretching its long legs, a cormorant gliding through calm waters. Cherish this special time.

Have to laugh. On the left, how the birds in the wild get their breakfast (l); on the right how urban birds get theirs (r).

I came upon this tiny fiddler crab. It is incredibly brave to dare and cross the trail. It is the most dangerous of places–out in the open with no place to hide, and being just the right size for a tasty  morsel.

Green Thought: “When I feel clumsy or lost, I remind myself that nature, including me, was created by a a far wiser mind than mine. There is something in the cosmos – God, Spirit, Consciousness, Life Itself, call It what you will – that created and orchestrates nature, and did a pretty good job of it. Nature might just know what It’s doing. Even when I don’t.”
― Jeffrey R. AndersonThe Nature of Things – Navigating Everyday Life with Grace